Through it’s paces!

We’ve put the all new GWM Ute through it’s paces in our hometown somewhere in North Canterbury.

There’s something about a Ute that gives Kiwi blokes a little tingle in our nether regions. Maybe it harkens back to our rugged, farming heritage – when men were rough as guts and women were glad of it, and fenceposts were dug by hand before a scoot down to the local for a jug. Maybe it’s just because – deep down – we know size really does matter.

Whatever the reason, we love a big and burly utility vehicle. And the all-new GWM Ute from Haval might just be ready to knock out big-name competition with a work-horse that’s made tough and built smart, at an amazing price.

Priced from only $29990 for 2WD and $39990 for 4WD.

The GWM Cannon is built to handle the most challenging jobs and unforgiving landscapes – blending high-quality international components and world-class technology with undeniable value. Here’s what you can expect from the GWM Cannon Ute out of the box:
A tough, rugged exterior that turns heads
Luxurious, European designed cabin
Powerful diesel engine
Slick, responsive 6 speed manual or precise 8 speed automatic transmission
Independent front suspension
Heavy duty rear leaf suspension
4×4 all terrain technology by Bosch
Advanced safety technology
Dynamic Stability Control
Lane Keep Assist (LKA)
360 Degree Camera
Gas Strut Assisted Tailgate with Step
Adaptive Cruise Control
Tyre Pressure Monitoring
3 Tonne tow Capacity
Push Button Starts
Best in class legroom
Large 9” infotainment touchscreen
Intuitive automotive management software
Diff Lock
Apple CarPlay/Android Auto integration

This beast is going to compete against some of the Ute brands Kiwis already love in terms of looks.

Come and test drive the new GWM Cannon at CMG Motors Christchurch, Cartown Palmerston North or Farmer Auto Village Tauranga.

If you continue to purchase a competitors Ute you’ll receive a $100 beer voucher !

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