The Call of the Wild

When was the last time you had ZERO signal on your phone, but didn’t GAF because you were surrounded by rugged and untouched terrain with a belly full of flame-grilled wild venison? For us, it was just recently – when Viking Village invited In the Dogbox to experience their “off-the-grid slice of Valhalla” and get back in touch with our inner Norsemen.

Located on New Zealand’s famously-rugged West Coast and set amid untouched native rainforest overlooking the ocean, Viking Village proudly proclaims itself to be the “ultimate escape for battle-weary warriors”. It’s a bold assertion – but one that’s impossible to dispute when you’re rugged up in furs, within a genuine barrel cabin, with nary an electronic device in sight. There’s no electricity. No WiFi. No 5G. No room service. But that’s the point.

Currently in development, but with a limited number of cabins already available to select guests, Viking Village is building something pretty spectacular on a huge plot of land just five-minutes from Greymouth. The concept is entirely off-the-grid – in native New Zealand rainforest so dense and remote that even the barrel cabins are helicoptered on-site to protect the rough and remote landscape. Barrels are set up in groups of three around an epic covered communal grill – perfect for larger groups or meeting new friends – and the Village provides locally hunted wild game for your dinner. It’s an ideal set-up for blokes who salivate at fat, flame-cooked legs of venison… and even more so for those who prefer to watch hunting shows on TV than actually head out into the wilderness to face down a wild boar. Essentially, it’s a place to unplug, unwind and live out your Viking fantasy: removing technological distractions without foregoing true comfort.

While the cabins are genuinely off-the-grid (unlike pseudo-remote ‘glamping’ pods with unnecessary bells and whistles), they still include everything you’ll need to enjoy your respite from the real world in luxury. Sourced from Scandinavia, each Barrel features natural timber and is elegantly kitted out with luxurious locally-sourced hides. They’re warm and cosy, and candlelit by night – an idyllic place to nestle down after a day exploring the bush, or an evening soaking in one of the site’s wood-fired outdoor tubs.

While the actual village experience is second-to-none, the real star of the show is the location. Not only are you smack-bang in the middle of untouched rainforest, you’re also an axe-throw away from some of the Coast’s most spectacular sights and attractions. We stopped in at Punakaiki to check out the Pancake Rocks on the way in, took a short tiki-tour on our first night to Nile River Glowworm Caves just after dark, and spent a lazy afternoon at Jackson Bay on our departure. In the spirit of our digital detox, not a single moment was shared on the ‘Gram. Or Tik Tok. Or Snapchat. Which, in all honesty, made the experience all the more gratifying.

Feeling the call of the wild? Fuck camping rough. Viking Village is our new favourite place to get back to nature.

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