Spring Cocktails That’ll Put Hair on Your Chest

Want a break from beer to quench your thirst this spring? Quintessential spring cocktails are often served in fancy glasses with delicate slices of citrus (we’re looking at you, frozen daiquiris). While they taste great, they can sometimes leave the typical Kiwi bloke feeling a little… emasculated. Looking for a cocktail you can easily make at home – or order with confidence at the pub? These will tantalise the tastebuds while helping you look every bit the manly sophisticate this season.

Ordering a Rusty Nail at the bar is basically like telling the world you’re a man, and you don’t give a damn about tetanus. But seriously – this has got to be one of the coolest drink names on the list. If you’re making it yourself, fill a glass with ice, pour in 1.5-parts Scotch to 1-part Drambuie, and give it a stir. Garnish with a lemon twist or wedge to brings out the sweet and smoky notes of the Scotch.

Heck, this may just be one of the manliest drinks of all time. An equal-parts blend of four hard liquors named after your bros – Jack, Jim, José, and Johnnie – the Four Horsemen sounds just as impressive as it tastes. Just add a nip of each to your glass and serve it straight up, without ice.
• 1-part Jim Beam bourbon

• 1-part Jack Daniels whiskey

• 1-part Johnnie Walker scotch

• 1-part Jose Cuervo gold tequila

Forget floofy, fruity alternatives – the Dark & Stormy is a brooding tiki drink that says, “hey – I’m drinking a cocktail but I’m also dark and mysterious”. Made from dark rum and ginger beer (and lime juice if you’re looking for extra zest) it’s spicy and tropical all in one. Just fill a tall glass with ice, add a double-shot of rum, fill the rest of the glass with ginger beer and give it a stir. Add an optional splash of lime juice (and garnish with a lime wedge) if you’re feeling fancy.

A classic sour cocktail with a cool name, the kamikaze is a tart and refreshing blend of lime juice, triple sec, and vodka – shaken, not stirred. In a shaker, pour 1-part lime juice, 1-part triple sec and 2-parts vodka, add ice and shake. Served in a rocks glass and garnished with a lime wedge.

If it sounds like something The Hulk would drink, why wouldn’t you give it a try? While this drink requires the most effort of all the cocktails on this list, we assure you – it’s worth it.
• Grab a cocktail shaker

• Add 8 mint leaves, half a lemon (sliced) and a teaspoon of sugar

• Shake the shit out of it to muddle

• Add around 60mls of your favourite Whiskey

• Add ice and shake again

• Pour into a short glass and enjoy

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