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Sinful Never Felt So Good

Want to increase your prowess between the sheets, and ensure your lady falls asleep (or hops in her Uber…) sweaty, satisfied and with a smile a mile wide? It’s time to rethink what you THINK you know about sex toys. We sat down with Fleur Truscott, the owner and director of Sinful Adult Mega Store, to talk toys, changing attitudes, and the perks of running an online adult store.

Hey Fleur, let’s talk about sex! Well, sex toys, anyway. What’s Sinful all about?

Sinful is an exclusively-online, pleasure-positive boutique that aims to help Kiwi men and women treat themselves, or someone else. We stock a huge range of premium- quality and body-safe sex toys, enhancers, lingerie and more to satisfy the senses. We have sex toys for women, men and couples, but the thing that really sets us apart is the online shopping experience. When most people think of sex toy shopping, they imagine seedy, back-alley stores where dildos gather dust. Your orgasm deserves the royal treatment – and we provide a red-carpet shopping experience that will leave you tingling from foreplay to climax.

Wow, that sounds… titillating! What inspired you to launch Sinful?

With an office full of ladies who work behind the scenes for businesses in the adult industry, sex talk is pretty normal and nothing’s ever off-limits. We’ve often joked about the awkwardness of walking into an adult shop only to be greeted by some creepy-looking old guy with pants so high you can see his bulge. That doesn’t exactly scream sexy, and we wondered if – no offence – those old- school sex toy peddlers could really give young men and women the best advice on the right toys for them.

I mean, we talked about this a LOT and it kind of became a bit of a running joke. And then one day we started talking about what WE would do if we were running a sex toys shop, and we realised we had the ability to create an adult store that understands the modern world, understands what a women wants, and is dedicated to getting you laid!

From all the men looking for help getting laid, we thank you. How is Sinful different to other adult stores?

Sinful is run by a team of women sourcing the latest products and, of course, testing them to give the best advice.

Sorry, TESTING them?

Yes! Our Marketing team has tight links with other businesses in the adult industry, which means we have more than 250 female toy testers – AND their lucky partners – at our finger-tips for genuine feedback on what works and what doesn’t. It certainly makes for some interesting workplace conversations!

Right, well that probably answers this question! But what’s the best thing about running an online adult store?

Well, obviously testing the merchandise has to be up there, but also, seeing how far we have come as a country over recent years is so empowering. Sex is no longer the taboo subject it once was – and we love that we can provide a safe, discreet and playful space for lovers and solo-artists to explore their desires and enhance their sex lives.

Part of the reason we called our store Sinful is that it’s a bit of a tongue-in- cheek play on that idea of sex being naughty; because we know pleasure is one of the most wonderful things about being human! Sinful celebrates sex, masturbation, eroticism and sensuality – and the feedback we get from our customers is that they feel totally comfortable coming to us for all of their needs, no matter how quote-unquote normal, weird or wonderful they may be.

Sooo… just between you and me… what do Sinful customers want? What’s the go-to bestseller that’s always flying out the door?

For men, without a doubt, the Solid- Erex Enhancement Pills are our top seller. And they’re equally popular with young and more mature customers. Clit-sucking vibes are super popular with ladies right now, and tons of guys are buying them for their partners.

What advice would you give people, who have never purchased sex toys online, about finding a toy that’s right for them?

Message us! We have an online chat function on the website where you can chat to someone at any time to ask advice. We know the world of sex toys can be super confusing, but we know our toys REALLY well, and it’s our pleasure to help you find yours.

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