Pure Fuel

By Marie Strootman

Flown over to New Zealand for a taste of the good life, our European foodie will put anything in her mouth as if her job depends on it.

With a concept born way back in the nineties in the outskirts of Auckland, this gourmet-grill restaurant chain is considered one of the most Kiwiana burger joints throughout the country. BurgerFuel not only shows that there’s
still plenty of life left in the humble yet timeless burger, but that its kitchen can also rustle up other hot stuff.

You can get BurgerFuel everywhere now, so much so that you might mistake it for a Macca’s or God forbid, a BK’s. The
Spitfire Square location is your saving grace when you’ve been roped into a late flight out of Chrischurch and want to
grab a great tasting burger with a side of crispy fries and posh homemade aioli. Is it the best burger in Christchurch?
It’s not, but I would put it in the top ten. And they serve thick shakes as a bonus!

Despite their on point look, the CnCheese burger proves to be quite a sloppy choice due to dripping and dribbling. That’s where the famous doofer comes in handy though: a “magic piece of burger holder” of their own invention that will keep spillage to a minimum and reduce the juice to keep your outfit sweet! It doesn’t take away from the experience as the taste of the burger is exceptionally structural. Cheesy and truffle-y goodness with a juicy patty and an ultra soft bun. You can’t go wrong with this one.

As world problems in 2020 have divided continents, it has united vegans, vegetarian and the like. Never before has a balanced diet (for ourselves but also for the planet) been as important as it is now. BurgerFuel aswers these prayers
with their Plant Powered options. Order a non-burger and you’ll get one chocka with kumara, shrooms and chickpeas,
topped off with dairy free cheese, vegan aioli and provolone. Tasty as hell and so filling it would fool even the biggest
carnivore. A great start and it’s only a matter of time before BurgerFuel will start adding more specials to the menu.
My only question? Where is the pulled pork? One can only hope.


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