Interview with an Auckland Gigolo

Meet Simone. He’s a gigolo. It’s a label he welcomes. There’s no shame in it. Simone worked in Auckland last year through male escort agency Plus One before heading over to the exotic Cayman Islands where he works as a freediving instructor, cocktail bartender, and professional lover of women.

In The Dogbox was lucky to score an interview with Simone in which he spilled the beans about the art of love.

DOGBOX: Firstly, as a male sex worker, what do I call you? Escort? Gigolo? Which terms are welcome and which are unwelcome?

SIMONE: I like Male Escort, even though gigolo is the common word to describe this kind of job. The word escort sounds more intriguing and it’s what most of this job is about. I’ve been called many things and the ones I liked the most were “sex companion”, “exotic partner” and “toyboy” lol. Unwelcomed terms are definitely “prostitute” or “dicked bitch.”

DOGBOX: Describe yourself.

SIMONE: I’m an Italian guy of 30 that smells of Mediterranean sea and brings that scent around the world, making his country proud of him. As you might have noticed already, I love jokes! I find myself quite funny, bubbly and very easy-going. People say I’m  interesting, intriguing and inspiring. I believe that life  shouldn’t be taken too seriously. I’ve never been attached much to clichés. Most people live a life that looks like a shopping list. I chose a different path and I feel pretty lucky as my parents gave birth to this unique piece of art!

Let’s talk business, though – my body!!! I come from the South of Italy and I have dark black hair, green/brown eyes and olive-coloured skin, typical of that area. As I’m a quite a sporty guy my body is lean and fit, I’m six foot high and tattooed here and there! Marriage is up for auction!

DOGBOX: Is this your full-time job?

SIMONE: It is not. Despite it being “easy” and fast way to make good money I still need to keep myself busy with a different professional job as this won’t last forever.

DOGBOX: How did you get into the job?

SIMONE: I moved to Australia a loooong time ago. I was a kid and couldn’t even speak basic English. I was that bad that my colleagues would call me Borat, how rude, ha! I got into the gigolo world slowly but easily. My flatmate at the time applied for a job as a male stripper on my behalf, and despite not being that interested, the owner of the strip club bought me with money and tits! That was a fun night. From there, I began to do all the jobs related to this world. I worked for Butlers in the Buff, as a stripper for private events, as a naked bartender in the horniest/naughtiest parties I’ve ever seen. Getting some “extra money” was just a consequence of that lifestyle.

DOGBOX: What else do you do with your life, and how do you balance this?

SIMONE: I’m a freediving instructor and cocktail bartender. These two jobs bring my feet back to touch the ground, or the water.

DOGBOX: You must have some interesting hours – do you have to be available 24/7 to make enough income?

SIMONE: To make everything fit in, your schedule sometimes is hard, especially if you get a last-minute call.

Usually, agencies require you to state how much notice you need to get booked. I’ve always stated I require three or four days’ notice at least, but it has happened that I accepted a job without notice. It’s better pay, you know.

DOGBOX: Speaking of income, how does the money work?

SIMONE: Usually we get paid hourly, but if clients have special needs or they want you for a long period of time, say a whole weekend, of course the agency is able to accommodate the client and work out a discount.

DOGBOX: Are there any trends in the types of clients who ask for your services?

SIMONE: I felt that many clients only need company more than the act of sex itself. For some, sex is the last of their thoughts. Most of them are too busy with work and family and can’t be bothered looking for a good dick so they’re happy to pay and be sure that they’ll receive a good service. Many clients are so upset with the poor quality sex they receive unfortunately, which makes a good deal for me eh!

DOGBOX: Are there different specialities within your trade?

SIMONE: Yes, all of us have a life outside this game, and of course we transfer our skills onto this world. Massage therapists I believe are the luckiest ones. I found myself making cocktails while getting naked dancing many times. But, of course, specialities can vary, fetishists are out there too, strippers of course as I mentioned already, artists. Clients have different needs and the offer is ready to fulfill the demand.

DOGBOX: How easy/difficult/challenging is it to give a woman, say, $300 worth of pleasure or whatever the rate is. Is it hard work? Can you compare your work to any other profession?

SIMONE: $300 made in this world is definitely easier than the money that I make as a bartender, but it’s not always the easiest job of course. Some of the clients are easy to please, others can be nightmares. The trick is being confident as not all of them are the hot chick you saw at the beach yesterday. I had clients crying and thought I had messed with them, or others that had not the most beautiful body but still I made it through. It’s our job, we’re on a mission and we’ve got to accomplish this task.

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