Centrefold Q&A with Lilli Grace

In the Dogbox had the pleasure of sitting down with our Winter Issue centrefold, Lilli Grace, during her recent shoot. Read on for her turn-ons and secret talents, and follow her on Insta at @lilligraceofficial!

Name: Lilli Grace 

Wellington, NZ

Star sign:

Turn Ons:
A sense of humour, red flags😂

Deal Breakers:

How long have you been modelling?
9 years

What do you do for fun? Unfortunately I have a thing for getting tattooed… I also like baking haha one extreme to another… oh and learning motocross 

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
I mean I got my neck tatted, does that count? 

What’s your ideal Saturday night?
Netflix and chill, and, I mean, sleep…

What’s your secret talent
? I’m oddly a really good shot with most things, darts, slug guns… maybe even a real gun? Don’t cross me…

What’s something about you that our readers might find surprising?
I’m super shy! 

Complete the sentence: I love a man/woman who… Brings me snacks… and gives good booty rubs

Favourite words to live by:
Just be a good f$#king human

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