Calendar Girls Auckland’s Epic Refurb

Walking through its hallowed red-lit halls, you could be forgiven for mistaking 243 Karangahape Road for a clandestine club in the far-flung reaches of Europe, exclusive to high-rolling millionaires and industry magnates. There are beautiful women. Private booths. Celebrities. Free-flowing Champagne. VIP rooms, spas and even a library housing a complete collection of Playboy magazines.

Anyone who knows K’ Road will instantly recognise the ornate and iconic former Naval & Family tavern building. Home to Calendar Girls in Auckland for just over of a decade, the 125-year-old heritage-listed premises underwent a major refurb this year to celebrate the multi-site club’s 25th year in operation.

No one likes to kiss and tell (especially when you’ve built your brand on a policy of ‘what goes on in the club stays in the club’) but rumour has it the grand-scale renovation left little change out of a million bucks. Naturally, In The Dogbox had to check it out. We took a tour of the three-level, 726-square-metre club’s new features, slung back cocktails in one of the many VIP rooms, and caught up with Calendar Girls Auckland’s managers – sister duo Cheyenne (24) and Savannah (26) Peck – to get the inside scoop on girl drama, big tippers, and what the seven-figure renovation has to offer club regulars.

In the Dogbox: Hey Cheyenne and Savannah – thanks for having us! How did you get started working at CG’s?

Cheyenne: I met James through a friend. After about a year of convincing him I would be one of his best employees, he hired me part-time in the weekends – which eventuated to a full-time role and had me moving up to Auckland.

Savannah: I started helping my sister out on the weekends as they were short staffed and I had bar experience. This since has turned into a full-time position.

ITDB: How did two nearly identical sisters end up running the best club in town?

Savannah: We both wanted something new and exciting to do.

Cheyenne: I ended up convincing Savannah with the help of my boss. After we both had a taste, we knew it was something we both loved and could smash as a team.

ITDB: What do you love most about the job?

Cheyenne: There are so many things, we couldn’t single one part out.

Savannah: The girls and experience are what make it. The people that come through the doors. The crazy hours and, of course, the money.

ITDB: What’s the craziest thing that’s happened while working here?

Cheyenne: We’ve had a few crazy experiences for sure.

Savannah: Having a gun fired in the club will defiantly have to be at the top of the list as that’s the sort of thing you only read about happening overseas or see in movies. But other than that, it will be the many things we’ve seen, heard or walked into in the bookings.

Cheyenne: This is the place where our customers can come and express themselves, or share fetishes that they wouldn’t otherwise share anywhere else.

Savannah: We can’t go into too much detail as we respect our customers’ privacy, but one of the girls did have her foot sucked on by five different men in one booking. Another came back into their booking after going to the bathroom only to find her customer dressed head to toe in her heels and lingerie… this was just after she had put a sex toy in his ass at his request…

ITDB: Tell us about the new VIP spa rooms!

Savannah: We have five new rooms and two new spaces – the first being the corporate room. This includes seats around the outside with a pole in the middle. Plus, Apple TV, a mini fridge and a speaker. This room is perfect for groups wanting somewhere a little more private to hang out with our girls, and starts from $375 for the half hour, and going up to $650 for the hour.

Cheyenne: Then we then have two Gold Rooms, which are for our most elite. These rooms include a six-seater spa, a large corner couch, Redbull fridge, JBL Bluetooth speaker, Apple TV and of course a bottle of Champagne, or drinks of your choosing. These sell for $900 per hour.

Savannah: We have two Bronze Rooms also including a six-seater spa, a chill out zone, Bluetooth speaker and an Apple TV. These rooms start from $425 for the half hour and go up to $750 for the hour.

Cheyenne: All rooms are tiled, slick and sexy with red-lit hallways to really set the scene.

Savannah: We also have a newly fit out playboy lounge upstairs and a VIP area on the main floor for the high rollers. These areas are a little more private and just add a further option to suit all of our customers’ needs.

ITDB: What do the customers think of them?

Savannah: Our customers are loving them! We’re seeing so many more regulars coming through, booking them out and making the most of each night.

ITDB: What’s involved in a VIP Booking? What do they get?

Cheyenne: Only those who book will know what really goes on behind closed doors… but if I can promise you anything, it’s a good time.

ITDB: How has the recent upgrade changed the club?

Cheyenne: The atmosphere has definitely picked up. It’s a great improvement – not only for our customers, but for our girls, too. There’s more motivation to get up and spend time with the customers in our new rooms and to show off all we have to offer.

ITDB: Do you get many famous people or celebrities in here?

Savannah: We do get famous people through our doors. Mainly NZ and international rappers and artists in the music scenes. Occasionally people in the sporting industry, too.

ITDB: How many girls work on an average night?

Cheyenne: It depends on the day of the week.

Savannah: Yeah, it can range anywhere from 8 on a quiet night to 30 on our busier nights.

ITDB: Do girls ever end up starting relationships with the customers?

Savannah: There have been a few instances where things have progressed further with customers outside of the club.

Cheyenne: But we don’t know of any getting too serious.

ITDB: Do the girls all get along?

Cheyenne: We like to think of our club as a big family. And like any normal family, we don’t all agree on the same things. But at the end of the day, we all love one another and have the best times together.

ITDB: Tell us about the girl drama!!

Savannah: I mean, when you put 20-30 girls under one roof at the same time, drama is to be expected right? Especially when you are working in a commission-based industry.

Cheyenne: There’s definitely been a few disagreements in our time, but we hate drama in our club so we do what we can to resolve any issues immediately.

Savannah: There definitely have been a few little cat fights, some involving glasses and a bit of hair pulling.

ITDB: What’s the most someone has spent in one night?

Cheyenne: I’d say about $25,000.

ITDB: What’s the biggest tip you’ve each received?

Savannah: $1250 each by the same customer in one night.

ITDB: What’s the biggest tip any of the girls have received?

Cheyenne: I think about $4500.

ITDB: What does an average girl earn on a night?

Cheyenne: Anywhere from $200 – $800.

ITDB: What can a top girl earn up to in a night?

Savannah: Anywhere from $1000 – $4000+.

ITDB: What’s the weirdest lost property you’ve found?

Cheyenne: Anal beads, for sure. A male customer left them behind after a booking. 

ITDB: Do you get any grief from wives and girlfriends?

Savannah: Not often. We see a few disappointed ladies if their husband has left this phone or wallet behind.

ITDB: Do you get partners in here to look for their partners?

Cheyenne: Yes, but they’re often reluctant to pay the door charge.

ITDB: What’s your worst customer experience?

Savannah: Where do we start? We’ve been bottled, punched, spat at and verbally abused during our time, so probably couldn’t name just one.

ITDB: What makes CG’s the best club in Auckland?

Cheyenne: The girls, for sure. We have the sexiest girls in Auckland who can hold a conversation and know how to have a good time. The environment follows, as we love to party and make the club a fun and an enjoyable place to be.

Savannah: Every night is a good night in our club, no matter the day of the week. The people, the music the vibe.

ITDB: Any other info, interesting facts, anything we should know??

Savannah: Our dancers do not earn an hourly wage. Any money they make is through tips or bookings. So, if you do decide to pay a trip to any strip club, it’s always polite to get tips out, and tip the girls for performing.

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