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Bestselling ‘Toys’ for Boys

We Get the Inside Scoop from Sinful Adult Mega Store

Think sex toys are solely for Sheilas? Think again! While the range of sex toys designed specifically for men was sparce and uninspired until relatively recently, a lot has changed in the past decade or so. Guys are no longer limited to sad DIY masturbatory aids like The Fifi (you take a towel, a rubber glove and lube and… you get the idea), or making do with their hands.

Perhaps it’s because, globally, men are more open to exploring their sexuality without toxic masculinity getting in the way of a good time. While anal plugs may have been little more than the ‘butt’ of a joke a generation ago, younger guys are now openly embracing butt stuff like nobody’s business.

It may also have a little something to do with the launch of the world-famous Fleshlight in 2002 by Steve Shubin – a no-nonsense ex-cop who developed the idea with his wife when they were told they’d have to abstain from sex for the duration of a risky pregnancy. Shubin was baffled as to why dildos had become an acceptable topic of conversation over brunch, while male sex toys remained taboo. So, he decided to do something about it.

Less than a decade later, and more than four MILLION Fleshlights were reported to have been sold worldwide. Other toy manufacturers took notice and began investing in developing their own toys for men… and as more toys were released, and more men snapped them up, the market continued to thrive.

Today sex toys, masturbatory aids and sexual health and wellness supplements for men are big business – but where’s a boy to begin if he’s yet to dip his toe in the waters? We asked the folks at Sinful Adult Mega Store for the inside scoop.

According to their data, Sinful estimates around 60 percent of orders to their online store come from men. While a hefty portion of those indicate many Kiwi blokes like to buy sex toys for their partners (because, let’s face it – we’re perverts), the number of men purchasing toys, supplements and sex aids for themselves is on the rise. The most popular products can be broken down into five key categories – erection supplements and support, ‘training’ and masturbation sleeves, anal and prostate toys, kink and BDSM gear, and ‘guybrators’. That means we’re shopping for bigger dicks, greater sexual prowess, and – most importantly – pleasure.

Ready to dive in? Here’s the 411 on Sinful’s bestselling products for blokes, by category.

Erection Supplements & Support

Most guys are pretty obsessed with their junk – so it makes sense that products designed to make ‘em thicker and harder shoot straight to the top of this list. Want a meatier pork sword? These are the secret weapons your mates aren’t telling you about.


Widely regarded as New Zealand’s most popular erection pills available without a prescription, Solid Erex is scientifically developed to support male libido performance, is fast-acting and promises not to result in headaches or side-effects like other erection pills. It’s been the #1 seller on across ALL product categories since late 2021.


‘Mr Thick Dick’ sounds like every guy’s dream moniker – and given the number of guys purchasing it on Sinful, it delivers what it promises. Specially formulated to stimulate a maximum erection while heating for added pleasure, just rub this cream topically onto you cock and watch it grow.


Suitable for both ladies and gents, this oral herbal spray offers harder erections for guys, and prolonged pleasure and more intense orgasms for both sexes. Just give yourself two to five squirts under your tongue before sex and you’re away laughing.

Training & Masturbation Sleeves

Designed for solo pleasure and training to increase stamina (so you can last longer during the real deal), masturbation sleeves come in a huge range of shapes and sizes and generally feature ribs and nodules wrapped around the sleeve’s interior for delightfully tactile tugs.


A new release on Sinful, Fleshlight’s Jessica Drake model has already shot up the ranks as one of their bestsellers. Designed by the folks at Fleshlight to indulge in your desires with one of their most stimulating textures yet, this sleeve offers patented nubs and a hug-like texture for an anal experience you’ll never forget.


Fleshlight are the OGs when it comes to cutting-edge masturbation sleeve technology, so it’s no surprise they make this list TWICE. Featuring a realistic Lisa Ann pussy design and a thick passage with fleshy nubs and a massaging grip-like feel, it’s the ultimate way to train as you’re rubbed and tugged to relief.


Looking for a cheap and cheerful introduction to masturbation sleeves? Sinful’s own six-pack masturbator egg kit is a tried-and-true favourite, and each egg features a unique internal texture. Just open the outer shell to reveal a soft and supple sleeve, designed to level up your fap.

Anal & Prostate Toys

Curious about ‘butt stuff’? You’re not alone! Humans have been putting things in and around their buttholes for centuries – and for very good reason. The anus has a pretty high concentration of nerve endings, which can make anal play incredibly pleasurable.


Girls might like diamonds, but anal beads are a boy’s best friend. Perfect for beginners, Sinful’s own Silicone Anal Beads With Ring toy is soft to the touch, waterproof and features an 8.5cm insertable length of slightly graduating beads. The ring ensures they’ll never get lost, and makes sliding them out easy for blokes new to the experience.


Curious about exploring your P-Spot, or enhancing your prostate play? Sinful’s bestselling prostate massager is also a vibe – sending good vibrations right through its 10cm of insertable length, which is curved to reach your sweet spot. It’s waterproof and one-speed, making it an excellent, no-fuss choice for lads just getting started with prostate orgasms.


Also popular among men exploring BDSM and kink, Colt is the designer of Sinful’s bestselling anal training kit. Including three firm yet pliable butt plugs in small, medium and large, the kit is a great option for lads looking to ease their way beyond anal beads. All plugs feature a tapered base for your safety.

Kink & BDSM Gear

Bondage play has existed for centuries – though it’s experienced more widespread interest since the release of Fifty Shades Of Grey. It’s about broadening sexual horizons and experimenting with power play, and while it’s often experienced with a playmate, men with a thing for BDSM have options to explore their kink solo, as well.


Featuring an adjustable strap for a snug fit and a soft, silicone bone for you to bite down on, this gag is a bestseller among men who want to explore submission-play with a partner. It’s a little less intimidating than a ball-gag, and will help you embrace the dirty, dirty dog you are. 


Sinful has a range of male chastity belts and penis cages to choose from, but this is by far their bestseller. Just pop it on, adjust the straps to fit, and then feel your throbbing member being deliciously restricted as it tries to break free of its restraints.


Explore sensory deprivation play with Sinful’s bestselling Gimp Mask. Great for submission with a partner, or for use solo during masturbation to heighten your senses and sensations. No bells and whistles. Sometimes the simplest tools are the most effective.


Aptly named, ‘guybrators’ are vibrators designed to stimulate the penis and are a rapidly-growing sector of the sex-toys-for-men market. After all – why should girls have all the fun?


If you love nothing more than laying back and receiving oral, you’ll get a real kick out of Sinful’s bestselling Male Masturbator Blowjob Simulator, which features 10 vibration modes and simulates a sucking action. It’s also great for building stamina – going a step beyond your run-of-the-mill trainer with pleasurable vibration technology.


Made with soft body-safe silicone and featuring a simplistic and sleek design, this guybrator features internal ridges like a Fleshlight while adding 20 vibration modes for the ultimate endurance training experience. Plus, the negative pressure airflow results in a sucking sensation.


Penis pumps have been popular since aaages ago, and this new, vibrating species of pump is designed for maximum enjoyment. Pumps are popular for endurance training, penis enlargement and fetish play, so this product falls into multiple categories. No wonder it’s a bestseller – it’s a JACK (get it?) of all trades, and a master of many.

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