Whilst we’re firm believers that it’s always beer o’clock somewhere, sometimes you need more than just a bottle of your favourite brew. When the occasion calls for something a little fancier, we always opt for a beer cocktail. If you’re reading that and thinking ‘hell no’ we’re here to change your mind!
Beer tends to have a relatively neutral flavour – meaning it actually pairs really well with cocktail ingredients. An added bonus to making a beer cocktail is that you obviously can’t use a shaker… unless you want one hell of a mess on your hands. No shaker means less fluffing around, less mess and a quicker turnaround to having your drink in hand – bonus!
We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite beer cocktails for you to try out over summer.


Unless you’ve been living under a bridge, you’ll have already seen these beauties around. The good news is, they look complex but are incredibly easy to make!
• Find a glass big enough (and sturdy enough) to hold your margarita, and at least the neck of the beer bottle, as this will be sticking out from the top like the ultimate garnish.
• Cut a lime, and run it around the rim of the glass, then dip the glass into sea salt and set aside.
• Get a blender and add 50ml tequila, 25ml triple sec, 25ml lime juice, 15ml sugar syrup (literally a mix of sugar and water, or swap out for agave syrup or honey) and a large handful of ice. Blitz until smooth then poor into your glass.
• Open your corona and gently tip it upside down into the glass, when it will drain it’s goodness into the mix. Garnish and serve. Easy! Top Tip: If you can’t find a glass that will work with the corona bottle sticking out of it, simply add the margarita mix to a glass of your choosing, pour in a bit of beer and you’re good to go!


. Aperol Spritz is all the rage at the moment! If that doesn’t do it for you, our Campari IPA could be just what you need on a hot day.
• Grab two short tumblers and add 2-3 ice cubes into each.
• Add 25ml of Campari to each glass
• Top the Campari with your favourite IPA.
• Add a dash of sparkling orange juice
• Rub a piece of orange peel around the rim of the glass before dropping it in the drink.


. If an espresso martini tickles your fancy but doesn’t quite look the part, we’ve got just the thing! You’ll need to plan ahead for this one though, as it does require some chilling. • Pour 25ml of cold espresso into a small jug and add 25ml coffee liqueur.• Stir the two coffee flavours together, then place in the fridge along with two pilsner glasses or highball glasses – chill for 30-60 mins.• Remove from the fridge and divide 250ml stout between the two glasses. Slowly poor the espresso mix into each glass and serve immediately.


A Cheleda is a classic Mexican cocktail which is perfect for a warm summer’s day! Just like a Margarita, a salt rim is essential for enhancing the overall flavour of a Cheleda.
• Cut a lime wedge and wet the outside rim of the glass. Run the rim over a salted plate then shake off any loose salt.
• Add 2 tablespoons of lime juice and a pinch of salt to a tall glass.
• Add a few cubes of ice and pour in your favourite light beer.

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