20 Questions with Rose Davis

1) Why do you love to dance/strip?

I love to perform so I love dancing on stage and entertaining people! Also, the money! As well as human connection/psychology of the club.

2)How long have you been dancing/ stripping for?

I started taking dance lessons at 2 years old.

I trained classically for 16 years and went to performing arts college in England. I did ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, acrobatics etc. I’ve been stripping for 3 and a half years, with a year off in between! All at Calendar Girls!

3) How did you get into stripping/dancing?

I entered a wet t shirt competition in Byron bay. I loved dancing in front of a big crowd and the feeling of being up on stage and showing my boobs under the wet t shirt! The crowd seemed to love it too haha! After that I thought, I should do this more often… I could even do this for a job! So I found the application on Trademe for Calendar Girls and applied online.

4)You have a YouTube channel talking all about your dancing career. What made you start sharing with the world your job and daily routines?

For so long there was a stigma around strippers and I want to show the world that we are not bad people for showing our tits at work. I want to show people when you put yourself out in the world and be confident about it, you can really change things for yourself. I used to dream of having the kind of freedom and finances I have today from dancing and not working 40 hour weeks for a big corporation, feeling like ‘another number’. I think a lot of people find it interesting not only seeing behind scenes of the club but also seeing our week days and what we get up to. All the maintenance that goes into being a stripper. Manicures, pedicures, skin care routines, makeup, hair appointments, basically pampering yourself all week long. Isn’t that most girls dream?

5) What was a young and teenage Rose like?

I loved being centre of attention at school and the boys loved it too! I was a little flirt in the playground but I was also always really kind to all the other girls and boys and tried to make sure everyone was treated fairly/not picked on etc. I grew up in Birmingham England, we started dressing up, clubbing, lashes heels everything from a young age! I loved it. I was also a rebel always finding a way to play up and make the day or night way more interesting and fun. I got in a lot of arguments at school because I got a lot of hate from the older girls, I guess they weren’t happy that the boys in their year group were more interested in me ooops!

6) What are you plans for the future?

I’m trying to be wise with my stripper money. I’ve built up a house deposit and am just looking for something I’d like to buy. I’ve also invested in lots of different stocks and shares. I’m going to keep working on my YouTube channel and perhaps that’ll be my full time job one day. I might start my own business and I would love to be a model!

7) What would be your favourite part about the job?

I think talking to all the different types of people we meet. A lot of guys that we meet are really wanting a companion for the evening to talk to/ get to know. I often find myself chatting the night away and bouncing ideas off some very intelligent people! Apart from that I will always love dancing on stage. I was definitely born to perform! Did I mention the pay checks…? Haha!

8)What are the qualities you look for in a guy?

Kind. Grounded. Ambitious. Open minded! Open to adventures. And opens doors!! Spontaneity.

9) I want to hire you for a stag show at our house or bar venue, how do I go about doing that?

I love doing stag shows!

You can book me at https://calendargirls.co.nz/shop/ and go to the ‘bikini hostess’ section!

Prices start at $300 and I’d love to come and entertain you! I’ll bring my candle wax and whipping belt.

10) If guys reading this Dogbox mag and want to, how can they get to know you?

Come to the club! I work at the Calendar Girls in Auckland on K road. Ask for me at the bar and you can book me in one of our VIP rooms for either a spa (the new spa rooms are lush!), with Apple TV we can play whatever music you like, and order some champagne. Or a dry corporate room! Just as fun. Either way you get to see me without the lingerie and we can hang out for as long as you like. Prices starting at $375 per half hour/ $650 for an hour and spas are $700! So much fun.

11) For girls reading the Dogbox mag, any tips for a successful dancing career?

Be confident! Even if you’re not, just fake it and you’ll soon become it the more you practice. Eye contact is EVERYTHING! Move slowly on the pole and always smile and be polite when asking for tips! Look after your hair, makeup, nails, clothes. Smell good.

12) What has been your best earning night?

$4,400 in Auckland 🙂 with my partner in crime Emily. You need to check her out too! She dances in Auckland & Christchurch.

13) What would the perfect date look like to you?

Pizza and wine at a fancy Italian! Followed by cocktails! And ending the night in the bedroom..

14) What size boobs do you have and how tall are you?

I have natural 10DD’s and I am only 5 ft 2 haha! Tiny but big boobs for my frame.

15) What’s the best way a guy can impress you in the club?

Tip generously while sat next to me talking. Tip me and my friends on our tip rounds. Take me to VIP and grab a bottle of champagne, let’s just sit and chat in the hot tub while I’m naked for you! A tip at the end of each dance is always nice too! Most of all speak to me kindly and don’t grab without asking 😉 

16. What really goes on behind doors at the strip club?

The girls create a pretty strong bond. We see each other naked, we talk about all the hilarious and fun stuff that goes on at the club! There’s basically a whole lot of partying and boobs everywhere at ALL times haha!

My favourite private bookings looks like 3-4 of my besties all in our best lingerie dancing and partying for 4-5 hours! We definitely know how to show you a good time. A night you couldn’t ever forget.

17. Do you have any beliefs/ religion?

Yes! I believe in the power of the universe and manifestation. I believe that we all vibrate on different frequencies and only things that are on the same frequency as the one we are emitting can come into our existence. Every single person, event and circumstance in your day is telling you what frequency you are on. Therefore; higher vibes = better life.

18. If I want to take you out for dinner, how can I do that?

We can do out bookings from the club. So if you want to take me out for dinner, you can come to the Auckland Calendar girls on K road and book me out. Outbookings are $700 an hour and I only do them with one other girl so lucky man.. 2 ladies on your arm for dinner! Or bring a friend and make it a group! 

19. Any advice you could give to men in general who are looking to impress a woman they admire?

Be kind! That’s honestly the biggest thing for me. Open doors! Ask her all about herself and get to know her. Take her out for dates! Do small things to help like laundry and cleaning if you can make the time! Those little things help a lot. Smell good! Always have good hygiene and make time for her.

20. How do we find your social media?

@rosedavisx on Instagram
And ‘Rose Davis’ on YouTube

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